TCIDA Grand Prize

$10,000 – TUTR, Joshua Mickler

TUTR is a Tuscaloosa-based mobile application that offers a 24/7 digital, tutoring marketplace for undergraduates, graduate students, & alumni to connect in a comfortable, on-demand & convenient manner.

First Prize

$5,000 – DuafeHair Inc., Pamela Foster

Duafe Hair, Inc. develops products for the hair and beauty supply industry. Their introductory product, Heads UP allows for more efficient and timely hair drying.

Second Prize

$3,000 – Shippi App, Reggie Murray

Shippi provides community on-demand storage and also delivering used items sold through Facebook Marketplace making those transactions safer.

Third Prize

$2,000 – Art Garage, Joanna Lemmon

The Art Garage will be an art studio for children, babies, and adults in the Tuscaloosa area to explore art through directed and unstructured opportunities in an inspiring environment.

Tuscaloosa Banking Community Award(s)

$3,250 – Excellentway, Raytonya Hughes

Excellentway offers personal development services in areas including financial stewardship, leadership, education, home and property ownership, and team building for those in Tuscaloosa and the surrounding area.

$1,750 – The Lab USA, Donnie Lee

The Lab is a player development organization that connects student-athletes with neighboring high schoolers, for mentorship and training.


Thanks to all Competitors, Judges, and Facilitators

All Competitors

  • Aaron Craddock – SteadyRewards
  • Pamela Foster – DuafeHair, Inc.
  • Raytonya Hughes – Excellentway
  • Anna Jenks – Approved Magazine
  • Donnie Lee – The Lab
  • Joanna Lemmon – Art Garage
  • Joshua Mickler – TUTR
  • Dennis Miles – Short-hand, Long-hand Clocks
  • Reggie Murray – Shippi
  • Cashmere Williams – iMusician


  • Bobby Bragg
  • Caramyl Drake
  • Paavo Hanninen
  • Sandy Wolfe
  • Katherine Zobre


  • Joshua Sahib
  • Dr. Theresa Welbourne

Thank you to all of our sponsors, including our additional event sponsors.